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Vox Office provides choral excellence – brilliant choirs and the expertise in how best to deploy them. Our choirs create exceptional sounds, are fully engaged in the artistic process, and add huge value to every project.

Our network of young professional singers are graduates from top UK universities and music colleges, and are specially selected for their outstanding ability, dynamism and creativity.

Our singers are flexible and friendly, and sing in a wide range of vocal styles.

Vox Office breaks the choirboy mould. We know that on stage, the image of a performance is just as important as the sound, and so our singers are selected specifically to fit your visual style.

We’re transforming classical singing, by leaving stuffiness at the door and providing singers who are collaborators at heart, and reflect joyful professionalism in their work.

Need it memorised and choreographed? No problem. Whether it’s for video or live performance, our singers will enhance your vision.

Greg Beardsell and Robbie Jacobs have grown up aiming to be universal musicians – music creators who step outside the ordinary, believing that when creative minds unite, exhilarating music can emerge.

The choral sounds they have perfected throughout their careers as music directors can inject power and expression into all genres of music.

Whether collaborating with pop royalty Kylie Minogue, crossover superstar Susan Boyle or delivering the theme for the UEFA Champions League, Vox Office choirs elevate, enhance and inspire.

Check out our style guide to hear some of the different sound-worlds that we create.

Vox Office takes all the administration of the singers off your hands, so that you can concentrate on creating great music.

Booking and coordinating the singers, organising contracts and licenses, and processing payments – we’ll do it all.

Greg and Robbie can also provide choral consultancy and direction in the sessions if you need it. Talk to us about your budget – we’ll work with you to provide a choir that’s just right for your project.

Contact: voice@voxofficemusic.com

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